Key Program Areas


Focus and action point :

a) Promoting inclusive education for all (including adult women )

b) Appropriate training for educators

c) Resource allocation for assertive devices

d) raise awareness of parents and the community of education for women with disabilities

e) empower parents with knowledge on the importance of education .

2. sexual reproductive health

Focus and action point :

a) Access to accessible sexual health care

b)  Access to  sexual health care

c)  Access to information

d)Raise awareness on sexual and reproductive health for women with disabilities .

3.Cultural beliefs , myths and stigma

Focus and action point :

a) Raise awareness to transform cultural beliefs , stigma and myths that promote violence against women with disabilities

b) Promote and lobby for access to justice by women with disabilities (accessible courts)

c) creating safe environment for women and girls

d) Advocate for an end to forced sterilsation and abortion for women with disabilities .

e) Advocate and lobby for enactment of protective policies and legislative for women with disabilities.

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